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  • Mood: Distracted
  • Listening to: Seer by About Tess
  • Reading: math problems
  • Watching: myself lose to a microwave
  • Eating: pizza
  • Drinking: cherry coke
What are you doing to yourself?
Get up, get up, get out
Woken, open, found
Learning still, to unbound.
You know what’s coming
It’ll hurt worse
Awake from the burn
Future solace awaits

They saw right through you
They don’t even know you exist,
But they never had to
They saved your life
Gave you a second chance
Don’t throw it away, it’s good advice
Even if you don’t do it now
It’s not hard to scry
Feel the waves in your ears
Let it reach your soul
You can hear it better than anyone
It’s in the harmony of the planets
Not surprising, you’d be reached this way

Time to let it go
Finally sever the line
Feel free to watch or wave goodbye
You knew this moment was coming
Only when it came

It’s rippling you away
It’s crippling the flame
It’s blasting soft waves
It’s leering disdain
It’s shredding a craze
It’s soaring in name
It’s tuning your phase
It’s beckoning reclaim
Last 8 lines feel solid, rest is janky
Clean up*
*the music should do the rest (maybe)


Kuro Kiatsu Kiotori
United States
Current Residence: The Northern Walk
Favourite genre of music: Anything that has a style and at least some class.
Favourite photographer: Lighteh
Favourite style of art: Hand drawings
Wallpaper of choice: Seasonscape
Favourite cartoon character: Tails Miles Prower
Personal Quote: "What then, when there is not reason to reason with?" ~Rhythan

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Saskelover1234 Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2014  Student Writer
Tu me manques et Je t'aime, ne jamais oublier que.
courglas Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2014
As I once learned how to say long ago.. ich liebe dich mehr
Saskelover1234 Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2014  Student Writer
Personne n'a jamais pu vous aimer plus que moi. Je promets. 
courglas Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2014

Personne n'a jamais pu vous aimer plus que moi. Je promets. <- this + How much I love you = Total amount (x)

X is how much I love you. You may solve for X.

(How much you love me) + How much I love you = X

That aside, there's alot I could say about that. In truth, as much as we both like to verbally express how much we care about and for each other, there is really only so much either of us can do for each other. I have dark parts of myself I have yet to reconcile with. Until it dies, I cannot sleep. Until it burns, I am not free. Until I repent, my sins run in my veins deep. There are things about me I don't trust you to accept, or understand, or even know. It isn't even that you don't deserve to know, but rather, for someone who will likely not end up being the one I take my vows with, its not your place to take on that kind of burden. My partner and I take on each other’s burdens every day, and for what she alleviates, I am grateful, and for what I alleviate she is grateful. It's as much as either of us can ask from each other. I love you in every way I could love you; as a friend, a sibling, a parent, a lover. In all its forms, I feel about you, some more than others, but pure and true nonetheless. The only way to know what you say is true, is to tell you the things about me none should ever know. As much as you'd probably like to prove your love, I don't think its worth the cost. I don't want to experience that twice.

For what it's worth, there's someone in the world who needs your promise more than me. I love you, and I'm ecstatic you love me, and I'll never stop caring about you. However, as much as I will continue to be a part of your life, I've already made the commitment to share my life with someone else. It's not like it isn't something we both didn't already know, but it's not something we've ever really talked about. Anyway, love you, and take care. (you can always bug me on my phone too.)

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Nailclippins Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2014
Hey! I really like your poems and your drawings! Nice work man! keep on rocking.
courglas Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2014
Yeah, except I don't draw. But yeah, feel free to rip on this… soundcloud:… -if you'd call it rock. :shrug:

I know he unblocked me long enough for you to reply about me being mad, but like I posted on your profile, it's already over man, and you were two late. Hell I don't even get on all the time (probably a couple of days in between every visit, just for an hour or two) and I was here for as short as it lasted.
Nailclippins Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2014
Hey, I don't really know Calbvoorhees, I didn't talk to him before replying to you. I just popped in after a couple of days to see what was going on and then replied to your reply to me. So no, you don't know he unblocked you long enough for me to reply about anything.

Now, I read through all of the stuff i could get my hands on about your little internet melee, the discussion on Moni3's article, the blog post you linked on Calb's profile and the resulting argument there. 

I think there's something I missed, about a chatroom, but it seems to me that somewhere along the way, someone got angry about something.

Moni3 is one of the more chill, cool & collected people I have talked to. When you pop into the thread, for the first couple of posts, you come across as a besserwisser, you make your entry bluntly and state your opinions as fact. With most people, the civilized discussion ends there, because it is supremely annoying.
With Moni, you eventually mellow out, because Moni is a really cool person so you go on to have a really amiable and even interesting discussion.

If Moni's article had been made by me (which it wouldn't have, because Moni is way less ignorant about these matters than me) I would not have replied to you. 
Not because you didn't agree completely with me, which is fine, because I always leave the benefit of doubt in what I think, but because you would allready have given me the impression of not being moveable in your standpoint. If it was made by someone of a different temperament than me or Moni's it would probably have provoked annoyance or anger. You seem to react poorly to hostility, which is fine, but not if you really want to see where a discussion goes, where people really stand, or if they have anything interesting to say.

And so it spirals downwards, Your opinions of people is diminished, because of their hostility towards you, and vice versa.

you do have some really interesting points, I think the impression you give away is keeping you back. You apparently seem to be able to change your viewpoint in a civilized discussion though, and I respect that, but maybe you should work on getting into civlilized discussions in the first place. Show that will to change your opinions and you will have an easier time of moving others' thoughts.

-----end of me being frank and thinking I'm correct-----

While your stab at my stuff stung a bit, not gonna lie, i'm not going to try to find something to gripe about on your stuff. I goaded you while you were being angry, and it was fully deserved. All is fair in love and war etc etc.

But if you're going to accuse me of not getting lighting and shading, can you please link some pics and give some pointers. Even my friends who are really skilled have never mentioned my ineptitude with this even though they tend to give good constructive advice about shit i do. So don't leave me hanging with this incredibly shriveled flaccid dick & bloated blue balls when you say shit like this, i'll take specific & constructive criticism with grace. 
Hell, you can even link the pieces you think are really bad & shut up, it'd still be better than being uncertain about some guy on the internet being right about you being bad.

Stay chill, its good for your blood pressure. Laters
courglas Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014
Nah, you're on the level, I was really just being an ass (mostly at cale) for not wanting to share his difference of opinion on Moni's article, which was how this started. He posted it rearing about how amazing it was, but at first glace (first read through) I didn't really care for it, and disagreed that it was the all amazing article that Cale said it was. He called me an ignorant idiot, based on one missing comma in my reply, and I proceeded to ask what his conclusion of Moni's article was, and he decided "I wasn't worth his time" so I posted that blog on his page with the very blatant "here you go jackass." and the rest ensues. When I posted, I wasn't looking for an intelligent conversation anymore, I was just goading him back for hiding behind the mods in the chat. (which he got me banned from the chat from our outside the chat conversation). As for the unblocking thing, if I go there now (and I have) I'm stilling blocked from responding to Cale, however whenever someone is blocked, that means no one (including you) can't reply to the blocked recipient. (This was included in an update to stop people from being able to keep responding to the blocked person, even though the blocked person could not respond, allowing for the blocked user to continually be harassed). I may never block anyone ever of all time on my own profile, but I've pissed off enough people to know thoroughly how it works. My guess would be, if you couldn't respond, you'd probably of asked Cale, and he either told you how it works, or pretended not to, unblocked me, told you "i' don't know what you're talking about" or "yes you can" and unblocked me long enough for you to reply, and then blocked me again. :shrug: mystery solved.

Your annalysis isn't half bad, pretty on the mark, but let me straighten a few things out. Now knowing the whole story, and how I was intentionally being an ass, it would reason for me to say, that my opionion of people is always the same. Sure, some of us are smart, but most of us are stupid. Even those of us that are smart, have the potential to act stupid, regardless of that. Cale, was being an ass, so instead of walking away, I decided to be an ass back, no hard feelings on my end at least. I'm one of the more chill, cool, collected, individulas as you phrase, however, I guarantee you that if you caught or provoked Moni the right way, it wouldn't have been any different. I've known people that never get into fights ever, but all you need is the right circumstance to make it happen. For me, :shrug: sometimes I just feel like fucking with people, but I don't like going out of my way to do it. I don't bother people unless they're being an ass, really, that's about it. I didn't even come into the chat looking for trouble, I simply expressed an opinion, and ass hat over there decided I was an ignorant idiot for grammar. Typically, if I wanted an interesting conversation (which I would have obliged to had Cale accepted), I'd go there first. I didn't make any future responses with that intention initially, and Moni proved to be as versed about art, if not more so, than I am. The only thing I feel bad about is being an ass, I think, initially to Moni, because that was the only moment I posted without thinking about too much, and I ended up changing my mind (about his article), which is why my second response was a lot less like how I hit up Cale, especially because of how Moni handled it. I personally think it's funny to have a shit throwing contest, (since back in the day people did that pretty often on here with no hard feelings) but the times have-a changed. I'm still on old school, stubborn assed deviant who doesn't really care who he pisses off one way or the other while I'm laughing on my side of the keyboard.

Long story short is that changing your opnions very easily just makes you wishy washy. Moni is not wishy washy, and neither am I. The fact the we both heavily stand in our own positions makes sure we let nothing slip by. If there are weaknesses in each others argument, we point them out. I"m still working on my reply to Moni as we speak, because it takes more time than simply replying to a combative message between users than an well thought out arguement.

That being said, I was being just as mean to anyone else who joined in, because it was a shit throwing contest, and I'm pretty decent at throwing shit around, so as for your work, there may be SOME truth to it, since I did glance at your work to make the remark, however if you really did want to some help, I know a few artists on here that can properly and thoroughly point you in the right direction. I'm not going to apologize though, since you made the choice to join in. I will however say, that if you decided to continue talking to me, feel free to always be frank, I like that better than being all flowery. We can even do an old fashioned art exchange, where I look at something of yours and critique it, and you look at something of mine and critique it. I'm stubborn, an ass, and very straight forward, and I have no problem stating my own flaws. Likewise, you probably wont find a more honest, sincere, or good person elsewhere. Speaking of which, since we are now disengaged, you do have some interesting concept art.
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WorldOfGabriel Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you very much. Gabriel
courglas Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2014
No, thank you for being a legit artist, keep on keepen on.
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