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Barrier Noise
Rocking back and forth
Holding your knees
you can't feel anything
The circle round your eyes
circulate your whole life
You can't see anything
In the fold, in the fold
comfort brings comfort
no more
Looking for rapport
Facades fill up my music score
I don't feel anything
Definitely sure
That I've been here before
but less blinded
In the fold, in the fold
solace brings solace
no more
[Oooooh, U-OH u-oh Ahhh Ahhh, Ahh.]
Please, stop talking at me
It feels greatly saddening
that I'm not getting through
My soul is wide open
but because no one listens
They cannot see its hue
It's burning a hole straight through
Open and closed hands
Did you really understand?
Did you hear anything?
I deeper answer brings
while a deeper question wrings
Did I sing anything?
In the fold, in the fold
Amenity's not amenity
:iconcourglas:courglas 1 0
Who We Once Were
I used to feel like the punch I could throw.
I used to see like the wisdom I would show.
I used to speak with a certain kind of flow.
I used to act like there’s nothing I don’t know.
I used to brag about what I didn’t owe.
I used to love like passion would never go
I used to think that the world was my bowl.
I used to exist where moments weren’t dull.
I used to burn a fire that’s aglow.
I used to enjoy reaping what I sow.
I used to walk like I’m always at home.
I used to leap toward the unknown.
I used to dive into things alone.
I used to fight like flight would condone
I used to live like the end was always close.
I used to bask in abysmal growth.
I used to write like people would make note.
I used to row upstream in my little boat.
I used to struggle just to stay afloat.
I used to wave my proud wolf coat.
I used to be intimidating to approach.
I used to stand firmly as a coach.
I used to breathe like air would elope.
I used to dream big dreams no o
:iconcourglas:courglas 1 0
Inventing words - 1
Eticulate - (of a person or a person's words) having or showing; the ability to express fluently and coherently ones emotions or feelings.
:iconcourglas:courglas 0 0
In Fifths
I want you at least once,
So that I may know what was there,
So I can keep living.
If you needed me, would you tell me?
Or hide behind that mask you swore was off?
Will you let me try.
The similarities make me laugh.
The irony digs in it’s heels.
Feelings are futile yet uncontrollable.
Emotions are displayed but misleading.
Emptiness creates a placebo effect.
Wander on, wondering, wandering on.
Can I have you again?
It was good while it lasted.
A shame it didn’t last longer.
Well I at least hope you found yourself.
I’m happy for you, even if I’m not happy for me.
It’s okay though, y’know, better for us both.
If I can, will you ever let me know?
Don’t look at me that way, your howl is enough.
The bridge is burned and then rebuilt.
The walk over can never feel the same.
Something is gained, and plenty was lost.
Thinking, pondering, still guessing.
I know what we have, and what we can’t.
I want you to know it hasn’t changed.
:iconcourglas:courglas 1 2
Pretentious words and empty threats,
hit the ground as hard as autumn leaves.
Scattered by the breeze,
of all immortal sin, of kin.
We're so far away from the tree.
Withered. Lost, inside.
So don't pretend you're better.
Season pass while we refrain,
unlike like life, stuck in our stagnant ways.
A canvas made of green,
is littered on the ground, abound.
Shows only what we want to see.
We're the same, in name,
except for when its autumn.
Every time I look at you,
all I see, is an empty being.
There's no hiding.
Seek the morning sun,
with eyes, unclouded.
Reach the dusk of dawn,
its not, that far way
Why do you cry, at the same things?
There is nothing, left for us here.
:iconcourglas:courglas 2 0
How are you? How have ya been?
Dear Wolfgirl, closest of kin.
Where are you? Where did you go?
To someplace I'll never know.
If this is really what she wants, then there is nothing he can do, if this is really, really, really what she wants.
If this is really what I want, then there is nothing you can do, if this is really, really, really what I want.
If this is really what they want, then there is nothing we can do, if this is really, really, really what they want.
:iconcourglas:courglas 1 0
You In The Beggining, Love In The End
Fall with me as I lay here silently.
That feeling of movement though perfectly still.
Drift away,
In your sleep, in your dreams and
Take me away from that horrible place that I found in my hate til you brought me here
Hold on to the love that you found when you knew what it was and never let go
Down with society, all its anxiety builds into an ocean of hate and I anticipate
The coming of the next war, the beginning of the end and with that this all that I dare to say
Be confident at the time of judgment day and
Look at yourself in the mirror and disappear, disappear, disappear, oh
Look at yourself in the mirror and disappear, in your own eyes
I’m a loner, a loser, a sinner, a writer, but I’d rather be me than ever be you
I’m a madman, musician, poetic, quite pathetic, but I’d rather be me than ever be you
I’m a wolfling, a Halfling, a newbie at this life, but I’d rather be me than ever be you
I’m the nothing, the something, that you’ll ne
:iconcourglas:courglas 2 3
Why can’t I love everyone?
Why can’t I loathe anyone?
I’m dying, please help me.
You’re screaming so loud, and I just can’t help myself.
Why can’t I love everyone?
Why can’t I loathe anyone?
You’re crying, confining
And you’re still sobbing now, and you just can’t save yourself, can you?
And you cry “it’s not fair” but you like all the lies and the thoughts they imply.
And you know that you’re to blame, it’s not he, it’s not I, it’s not them, it’s not they
You’re lying, denying
You’re lying to yourself, and there’s nobody else, but you.
:iconcourglas:courglas 1 2
Sunlight Ocean
Staring endlessly, the sand is comforting.
The light peers down from an unobtainable ceiling.
There is no ceiling, there is no surface.
As I float, there is nothing.
An endless black abyss in every direction.
I feel so free yet I get nowhere.
There are no senses. I simply am, simply feel, simply drift.
Awake to peaceful slumber.
Rays of light breaking the darkness only where I am, glimmering in the sand.
I t stays with me. I cannot reach the dark depths of the distance try as I might.
I cannot hide in the shadows.
I can only be.
I have not been, and will not become.
:iconcourglas:courglas 1 0
The Day the Sun Shined the Brightest
There was once a little sprite. He was, and forever will be without a name. As few may know, all things with an origin -a beginning, have an end. This sprite has no origin, or at least not one that is known. One thing about sprites that most will find notable is that they have no shadow, and only shine an illuminative light. Often times they are even depicted as fairies, ghosts, or associated with the paranormal, the mythical or the magical. This sprite however, for the longest, knew only one thing. This thing he knew so well, and loved so dearly was contrary to his existence. He wanted so desperately to be in its presence, to be with Her, yet to no avail. Wherever he would tread, is wherever she would not be. As for where it was he was going was not for him to ever know. He was senseless for senses would only make him dull. He was selfless, for selfishness is only an attribute of the weak, and he was all powerful. He chose no sides, because there are no sides. The only thing he was ev
:iconcourglas:courglas 1 0
Mature content
I've lost :iconcourglas:courglas 4 4
Concerto - (Old poetry)

Piece 1              TO TAKE THE TIME

To take the time to walk away,
Still the back never turned.
For much of all there is to say,
For one who has been burned.
Taking a moment, to take a breath.
Forever to own it, and never forget.
He'll forever have open arms,
Till death but not death alone.
The heart is very strong,
Eduring to the final blow.
With the grace of she in mind,
He felt invincible to time.
Every second and every day,
That ever passed along the straight.
The light is still held for you,
when ever you are lost in darkness.
The warmth is always for you,
When ever you are cold.
Since the time he promised to be true.
Can't you tell he loves you?
If it was puppy love,
Then there was never love at all
He cares through guck and mud.
For you he'd give the world...


Piece 2                     SPEACHLESS

It's another expression as to say, that you of all took my breath
:iconcourglas:courglas 0 0
Sorrow and The Vagabond by courglas Sorrow and The Vagabond :iconcourglas:courglas 1 0 The Eon of Romance by courglas The Eon of Romance :iconcourglas:courglas 1 1 Tales of Problems by courglas Tales of Problems :iconcourglas:courglas 1 0 The Chemistry of The Time by courglas The Chemistry of The Time :iconcourglas:courglas 2 0

Random Favourites

Mature content
The Blow-up Doll :iconkoroku-ice-princess:koroku-ice-princess 7 31
Can you tell I'm angry?
You aren't worth my energy because you take it all.
You don't care about who I am because you change me.
You can't understand me so, why do you take all I am?
You may be a God but, I have more heart than you. You may think like I do but, you can't give anything but lies. You have hope inside, because you've taken all mine. You've wasted not only my time but my energy and my strength. You've aided me in my lack of sleep, in my inability to eat because it seems like you take all those abilties away from me.
You steal the light in my eyes and the smile in my mouth. You rob me of my pride because whenever I have something to be proud about, it means nothing once you see it. You degrate me in the most un-human way anyone could. My body aches as does my mind and you are to blame. You take everything from me and give me nothing in return. I feel sorry for not being able to be what you want and also, you can't make me what you want because I will never be that. You take the bounce in my step a
:iconsaskelover1234:Saskelover1234 1 11
The Rusted Chains
Metal chains are latched onto our necks
Representation of our bond
Power to choke
Power to kill
A broken chain approaches me
The one I broke before
Theirs was a bit piece of string
Yet so easy to strangle with
Oh no, my lover is questioning me
Who is that man?
I doubt, I doubt
Lies spill from doubt
Green paint stains our chains
In a panic I grab those chains
They hide the small splotches that were made
My hands forever holding splattered lies
Many moons past us
Forever is too long
My hands are too numb
My fingers ease their grip
Look look, help me with this paint
To my surprise the chain where the paint was vanished
Leaving only an orange crumble
An unamused face is there to greet me
Good job, you hid it for so long
If you would've told me when it happened we could've washed it off
Instead you let it eat our bond
His look turns cold
The chain between us breaks
:icongoddessmoonsoul:goddessmoonsoul 2 8
Desperate For.
I'm desperate for change. For the thing that makes tomorrow worth waiting for.
I'm waiting for the thing that makes me not want to sleep, but to stay up and bask in the anticipation.
The thing that keeps the sun rising and the feeling in my stomach clench harder.
That makes the morning air a little more satisfiying.
It will take a while to find this thing.
To find the hope for tomorrow but, I am willing to wait.
I'm am waiting now, as I speak, as I breathe and think and am.
I am waiting, counting the seconds, until you come around the corner...
Smiling and calling my name.
:iconsaskelover1234:Saskelover1234 1 7
Running Rampant by Lighteh Running Rampant :iconlighteh:Lighteh 9 31 Phones by Evil-Uke-Sora Phones :iconevil-uke-sora:Evil-Uke-Sora 261 55 Elric by Full7metal Elric :iconfull7metal:Full7metal 2 0 Rooted by SoulOfTime Rooted :iconsouloftime:SoulOfTime 1 0 black bow by kuromikashi black bow :iconkuromikashi:kuromikashi 1 2 with  color by kuromikashi with color :iconkuromikashi:kuromikashi 2 0 red flower by kuromikashi red flower :iconkuromikashi:kuromikashi 2 0 Treasure Town by Lighteh Treasure Town :iconlighteh:Lighteh 62 17 Lazy summer stream by Artificial-Emptiness Lazy summer stream :iconartificial-emptiness:Artificial-Emptiness 7 30

Journal History

I officially have a steady band now. Or at least it feels that way. It's definitely how I expected in that it's not what I expected. Still, the odds of me finding three people who studied jazz that are into playing rock is really really hard, and I feel like I got really lucky. I guess doing the usual "I'm going take this class/route/change just for fun" has paid off. The drummer, as you'll hear if you go listen is amazing by the way. My lead guitarist, I enjoy hearing play. As for the bassist/second guitarist, I loved that he knew his theory and implemented that in the music and it's really unfortunate extenuating circumstances has left him with no time for the band, and so, he had to leave. Our new bassist however, is like I was saying earlier, I'm really lucky. She studied jazz but is into rock so things have been good so far. 

These videos are from the show I played with the people listed in the descriptions. The band now with it's new bassist has a few shows coming up that I hope to get recorded so I'll put those up when it happens. The name is in the air, but you'll see the edits once we agree on something. Until then, enjoy the electric version of Pathos, the new song Barrier Noise, and the new take on Auroran Hues.

[link] - Youtube - Pathos Electric

Barrier Noise - Deviation
[link] - Youtube - Barrier Noise (New)

[link] - Youtube - Auroran Hues Version 2


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